B2C Full Contact

Last Updated November 1, 2023, v2.1.0

Data Schema, Counts, and Fill Rates

FeatureDescriptionCountsFill Rate
up_idUniversal Person ID. This is a unique identifier assigned to a person, linking all business and consumer information to a single individual. The up_id, along with the company_id, are primary keys throughout the co-op data files.249,699,712100%
first_nameFirst name of the person in this record.249,699,712100%
last_nameLast name of the person in this record.249,699,712100%
personal_emailsThe primary personal email observed for this person record.216,411,36887%
additional_personal_emailsAny additional personal emails associated with this person, excluding any emails previously reported as invalid. Stored as a comma-separated array.128,007,30651%
personal_addressWhere this person lives.231,433,47893%
personal_address_2Where this person lives.22,145,3069%
personal_cityThe city in which this person resides.247,737,17399%
personal_stateThe upper-case standard abbreviation for the person's home state.248,656,699100%
personal_zipThe 5-digit US zip code for the person's home address.240,716,57696%
personal_zip4The 4-digit extension the person's home zip code.197,106,69879%
latitudeThe latitude associated with the person's personal address.00%
longitudeThe longitude associated with the person's personal address.00%
mobile_phoneMobile number uniquely associated with this person, regardless of business or personal association.132,832,58453%
personal_phoneThe non-mobile, non business related telephone number for this person.123,809,74550%
dpv_codeDelivery Point Validation (DPV) is a form of address validation designed by the USPS to ensure that an address can receive mail. USPS address reference data set includes DPV data. Null values indicate unknown.177,928,18371%
genderGender of the person (M/F/U).247,059,09699%
age_rangeThe age range this contact fits within. The ranges are industry standard demographic ordinal values, and can be found here. Null values indicate unknown.207,856,14983%
marriedIf the person is married, the value will be 'Y'. Blank values represent unknown.113,259,07945%
childrenIndicates if the person associated with this record has children. Values are 'Y', 'N', or NULL. Null values indicate unknown.93,612,34937%
income_rangeThe income of this person, mapped to industry standard demographic ranges. Link is to the mapping ranges. Null values indicate unknown.140,800,73956%
net_worthEstimate of a households total financial assets minus liabilities, reported within industry standard demographic ranges. Link is the range table. Null values indicate unknown.129,355,75252%
homeownerReports if the person in this record is a homeowner. Null values represent 'unknown'.145,494,28558%
personal_emails_validation_statusThe validation status of the associated personal email, 'Valid' indicates the email has been validated, a null value represents unknown.146,681,97759%
personal_emails_last_seenThe UNIX timestamp of the last validation observation of this personal email. via validation or other verifiable data. Null values indicate that no data is available.146,681,97759%

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