Last Updated May 1, 2024

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Product NameCurrent VersionLast UpdatedApprox Size
(S3, .csv)
Update Cadence
Universal Person2.5.05/1/202465.1 GBMonthly
B2B Contact Data5.10.05/1/202452.3 GBMonthly
B2C Contact Data2.6.05/1/202418.3 GBEvery other month
UP_TO_HEM1.4.05/1/2024160 GBMonthly
IP2HEM1.11.05/1/202428.3 GBMonthly
IP2Company2.19.05/1/20246.1 GBMonthly
MAID-HEM Extract2.30.04/23/20241.4 TBMonthly
IP-MAID Extract1.30.04/23/2024978.4 GBMonthly
Firmographic Data2.5.05/1/20241.0 GBMonthly
Market Pulse 1.0.05/1/2024> 500GDaily
Intent-Behavioral Log File1.1.0--VariableReal-Time
Digital Activation1.1.0--VariableDaily
Cookie Pool1.1.0--VariableDaily
Email Validation1.2.0--83.5 GBQuarterly