Universal Person


Release: December 6, 2023

Version: 2.1.0

Size: Approx 67G (.csv)

Update Freq: Monthly

Data Schema, Counts, and Fill Rates

FeatureDescriptionCountFill Rate
up_idUniversal Person ID. This is a unique identifier assigned to a person, linking all business and consumer information to a single individual. The up_id, along with the company_id, are primary keys throughout the co-op data files.336,695,720100%
first_nameFirst name of the person in this record.336,677,555100%
last_nameLast name of the person in this record.336,653,831100%
business_emailThe primary business email associated with this person.103,888,51931%
programmatic_business_emailsThis feature is an array of all common business email formats, built from the first_name, last_name, and company_domain fields in the B2B and UP files.111,813,14033%
mobile_phoneMobile number uniquely associated with this person, regardless of business or personal association.151,876,78045%
direct_numberThe business phone number for this person.140,896,21942%
personal_phoneThe non-mobile, non business related telephone number for this person.140,896,21942%
linkedin_urlThe LinkedIn URL for this person.101,021,49730%
personal_addressWhere this person lives.246,160,04873%
personal_address_2Where this person lives.23,345,2607%
personal_cityThe city in which this person resides.290,582,24886%
personal_stateThe upper-case standard abbreviation for the person's home state.299,320,83189%
personal_zipThe 5-digit US zip code for the person's home address.256,046,32276%
personal_zip4The 4-digit extension the person's home zip code.208,882,41262%
personal_emailsThe primary personal email observed for this person record.241,034,72872%
additional_personal_emailsAny additional personal emails associated with this person, excluding any emails previously reported as invalid. Stored as a comma-separated array.140,481,50642%
genderGender of the person (M/F/U).306,892,11491%
age_rangeThe age range this contact fits within. The ranges are industry standard demographic ordinal values, and can be found here. Null values indicate unknown.220,975,28066%
marriedIf the person is married, the value will be 'Y'. Blank values represent unknown.122,218,84736%
childrenIndicates if the person associated with this record has children. Values are 'Y', 'N', or NULL. Null values indicate unknown.100,571,36330%
income_rangeThe income of this person, mapped to industry standard demographic ranges. Link is to the mapping ranges. Null values indicate unknown.149,320,30544%
net_worthEstimate of a households total financial assets minus liabilities, reported within industry standard demographic ranges. Link is the range table. Null values indicate unknown.138,395,81141%
homeownerReports if the person in this record is a homeowner. Null values represent 'unknown'.155,649,68146%
job_titleThe current job title of the person in this record.121,079,60636%
seniority_levelSeniority derived from the job title using the Seniority Clustering / Department mapping model120,035,49136%
departmentDepartment of the job_title in this person's record.94,705,46528%
professional_addressWhere this person shows up to work - could be the same as personal, company or different depending on company structure.34,493,11610%
professional_address2Where this person shows up to work - could be the same as personal, company or different depending on company structure.7,114,2662%
professional_cityWhere this person shows up to work - could be the same as personal, company or different depending on company structure.35,087,65510%
professional_stateThe state occurring within the professional address.35,198,29210%
professional_zipThe 5-digit Zip Code occuring within the professional address.34,299,15810%
professional_zip4The 4-digit extension of the professional address zip code.16,154,4375%
company_nameCompany name associated with the person's job title.111,642,48333%
company_phoneGeneral phone number for the company.94,964,44928%
company_sicThe 4 digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code(s) associated with the company. Link is to SIC classification taxonomy.97,504,85629%
company_addressThe physical address of the company headquarters.87,771,45826%
company_cityThe city of the company headquarters.106,903,36432%
company_stateState code of company headquarters.106,542,48332%
company_zipZip of company headquarters.87,757,81326%
company_revenueRevenue range associated with the company. This is derived from the employee count and mapped in accordance with the mapping linked here.111,870,60133%
company_employee_countThe number of observed US enterprise employees of this company, fit within standard firmographic ranges, which are listed in this link.111,870,60133%
primary_industryThe primary industry for a company, as observed in multiple firmographic data sets.105,313,33431%
business_email_validation_statusThe validation status of the associated business email. The following values are allowed: 'valid' = the host email server does not return and 'invalid' response to an email sent to this email address. ; 'Valid-ESP' = the email validation flag was provided by an Email Service Provider (ESP); 'Valid-Digital'= the validation flag originated from cookie signal or digital tag.37,305,75911%
business_email_last_seenThe date (unix) by when an email was last seen as contributed via validation or other verifiable data. Null values mean that no data is available37,305,75911%
personal_emails_validation_statusThe validation status of the associated personal email, 'Valid' indicates the email has been validated, a null value represents unknown.164,473,88849%
personal_emails_last_seenThe UNIX timestamp of the last validation observation of this personal email. via validation or other verifiable data. Null values indicate that no data is available.164,473,88849%
company_last_updatedThis is the Unix timestamp of the last update for the company_name field in the B2B and Universal Person files. This field records when the contact record was last confirmed at the company. Note: companies may have multiple 'company_last_updated' values, reflecting the last updates across different employees.71,820,79321%
job_title_last_updatedThe Unix timestamp of the last update for the job title.71,820,79321%
last_updatedThe date (unix) by when a value within the record was last updated.5,882,3212%
work_historyThis field is a JSON formatted work history, which when available, include data for: company name, position, duration, start_time, end_time, job_description, location, and social_url.56,384,26517%
education_historyThis field is a JSON formatted education history, which when available, include data for: degree, description, start_time, end_time, institution_name, and social_url.35,974,17511%
cc_idA persistent, unique ID, assigned to each company in the Co-Op Firmographic dataset. The cc_id, along with the up_id, are used as key linkage across the co-op data sets.111,870,60133%

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