Last Updated November 22, 2023, v1.25.0

Key Feature Trends

Data Schema, Counts, and Fill Rates

FeatureDescriptionCountsFill Rate
maidMobile Ad ID that can be used to resolve identity and in-market traffic. MAIDs come in 2 flavors; Apple and Android. Apple IDs (IDFA) specifically attributed to iOS are formatted as all UPPERCASE, while Android (aaid) and other IDs are formatted as lowercase.31,703,933,110100%
ip_addressIPv4 or IPv6 IP Address.31,703,933,110100%
maid_platformThe OS platform associated with the MAID based on the structure of the MAID itself. Values are: 'android', 'ios'.31,685,528,186100%
last_seenThe most recent observed date of this MAID, formatted in UNIX time.29,779,503,55094%

What’s Next

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