DPV Codes

Last Updated June 23, 2023

Output port that confirms the validity of the Delivery Point Code (DPC) value for a United States address.

Delivery Point Validation (DPV) is a form of address validation designed by the USPS to ensure that an address can receive mail. USPS address reference data set includes DPV data.

A delivery point is a unique mailbox recognized by the postal system. The USPS assigns a two-digit DPC to every mailbox in a ZIP+4 Code area. If an address has a valid DPC for its ZIP+4 Code, then the USPS can confirm that the address identifies a deliverable mailbox.

A ZIP+4 Code defines a range of addresses, such as from 1 Main Street through 99 Main Street. However, the presence of a valid ZIP+4 Code in an address does not confirm that a mailbox exists for the address. The address "99 Main Street" may have a deliverable mailbox, but the address "98 Main Street" may not. DPV reference data identifies physical mailboxes in the ZIP+4 Code area.

An address with a valid ZIP+4 Code but without a valid DPC may identify a building that is unused, a building that does not exist, or a vacant lot.

YConfirms the DPC value for the address. The address is confirmed deliverable.
DPartial confirmation of the DPC value. Some address information is missing.
SPartial confirmation of the delivery point values. Some address information cannot be confirmed.
NThe DPC value is not valid for the address.
[Blank]The address did not contain a DPC value and was not presented for DPV confirmation.