Release: July 9, 2024

Version: 1.3.0

Size: 20.3 G (.csv)

Update Freq: Monthly

Data Schema, Counts, and Fill Rates

FeatureDescriptionCountFill Rate
up_idUniversal Person ID. This is a unique identifier assigned to a person, linking all business and consumer information to a single individual. The up_id, along with the company_id, are primary keys throughout the co-op data files.150,220,844100%
bito_idsAn array of associated Beeswax User IDs.150,220,844100%
maidMobile Ad ID that can be used to resolve identity and in-market traffic. MAIDs come in 2 flavors; Apple and Android. Apple IDs (IDFA) specifically attributed to iOS are formatted as all UPPERCASE, while Android (aaid) and other IDs are formatted as lowercase.150,220,844100%