Last Updated: September 12, 2023

Click on the product name in the table below to view each product's schema and fill rates.

Product NameCurrent VersionLast Updated
Universal Person1.2.09/6/2023
B2B Contact Data5.3.09/5/2023
B2C Contact Data2.0.06/26/2023
MAID-HEM Extract2.23.09/19/2023
IP-MAID Extract1.23.09/19/2023
Firmographic Data2.21.06/23/2023
Intent-Behavioral Log File1.1.0Updated real-time
B2B Intent1.0.0Updated Daily
B2C Intent1.0.0Updated Daily
Digital Activation1.1.0Updated Daily
Cookie Pool1.1.0Updated Daily
Email Validation1.0.09/5/2023