Industry Classification

October 2023

Industry IDIndustry
1810Professional Services
1594Technology, Information and Media
43Financial Services
75Government Administration
14Hospitals and Health Care
96IT Services and IT Consulting
6Technology, Information and Internet
2190Accommodation Services
28Entertainment Providers
116Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage
1912Administrative and Support Services
11Business Consulting and Services
80Advertising Services
3133Media and Telecommunications
91Consumer Services
34Food and Beverage Services
2353Health and Human Services
1029Transportation Equipment Manufacturing
4Software Development
69Education Administration Programs
55Machinery Manufacturing
1673Credit Intermediation
54Chemical Manufacturing
68Higher Education
332Oil, Gas, and Mining
1757Real Estate and Equipment Rental Services
44Real Estate
40Recreational Facilities
13Medical Practices
53Motor Vehicle Manufacturing
124Wellness and Fitness Services
10Legal Services
135Industrial Machinery Manufacturing
57Oil and Gas
99Design Services
70Research Services
67Primary and Secondary Education
24Computers and Electronics Manufacturing
112Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics Manufacturing
15Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
23Food and Beverage Manufacturing
137Human Resources Services
19Retail Apparel and Fashion
92Truck Transportation
122Facilities Services
51Civil Engineering
100Non-profit Organizations
201Farming, Ranching, Forestry
50Architecture and Planning
9Law Practice
35Movies, Videos and Sound
129Capital Markets
73Administration of Justice
111Retail Art Supplies
1611Movies and Sound Recording
84Information Services
94Airlines and Aviation
121Security and Investigations
104Staffing and Recruiting
30Travel Arrangements
103Writing and Editing
90Civic and Social Organizations
105Professional Training and Coaching
33Spectator Sports
2391Military and International Affairs
88Individual and Family Services
139Mental Health Care
18Personal Care Product Manufacturing
7Semiconductor Manufacturing
147Automation Machinery Manufacturing
17Medical Equipment Manufacturing
743Plastics and Rubber Product Manufacturing
60Textile Manufacturing
52Aviation and Aerospace Component Manufacturing
98Public Relations and Communications Services
86Environmental Services
140Graphic Design
82Book and Periodical Publishing
36Broadcast Media Production and Distribution
126Media Production
49Wholesale Building Materials
134Wholesale Import and Export
110Events Services
89Religious Institutions
132E-Learning Providers
38Artists and Writers
46Investment Management
141International Trade and Development
77Law Enforcement
71Armed Forces
79Public Policy Offices
76Executive Offices
3Computer Hardware Manufacturing
144Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing
26Furniture and Home Furnishings Manufacturing
117Plastics Manufacturing
83Printing Services
1Defense and Space Manufacturing
148Government Relations Services
123Outsourcing and Offshoring Consulting
102Strategic Management Services
118Computer and Network Security
1339Food and Beverage Retail
22Retail Groceries
138Retail Office Equipment
127Animation and Post-production
3132Internet Publishing
5Computer Networking Products
95Maritime Transportation
93Warehousing and Storage
256Ranching and Fisheries
128Leasing Non-residential Real Estate
16Veterinary Services
146Packaging and Containers Manufacturing
2130Performing Arts and Spectator Sports
97Market Research
125Alternative Medicine
39Performing Arts
113Online Audio and Video Media
78Public Safety
87Freight and Package Transportation
109Computer Games
143Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry
20Sporting Goods Manufacturing
45Investment Banking
108Translation and Localization
61Paper and Forest Product Manufacturing
1862Marketing Services
74International Affairs
142Beverage Manufacturing
81Newspaper Publishing
65Dairy Product Manufacturing
29Gambling Facilities and Casinos
145Glass, Ceramics and Concrete Manufacturing
106Venture Capital and Private Equity Principals
119Wireless Services
131Philanthropic Fundraising Services
130Think Tanks
37Museums, Historical Sites, and Zoos
21Tobacco Manufacturing
107Political Organizations
62Railroad Equipment Manufacturing
120Alternative Dispute Resolution
2458Data Infrastructure and Analytics
1916Office Administration
2225Repair and Maintenance
383Electric Power Generation
2018Technical and Vocational Training
114Nanotechnology Research
2358Public Health
72Legislative Offices
3242Engineering Services
406Building Construction
3102IT System Custom Software Development
3240Renewable Energy Power Generation
2142Sports Teams and Clubs
3126Interior Design
3129Business Content
2069Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories
840Fabricated Metal Products
2375Economic Programs
3127Social Networking Platforms
382Electric Power Transmission, Control, and Distribution
901Agriculture, Construction, Mining Machinery Manufacturing
1359Retail Health and Personal Care Products
3131Mobile Gaming Apps
3103IT System Operations and Maintenance
3106IT System Data Services
1931Telephone Call Centers
1285Internet Marketplace Platforms
1495Ground Passenger Transportation
2027Sports and Recreation Instruction
2247Commercial and Industrial Machinery Maintenance
2258Personal and Laundry Services
2369Housing and Community Development
1445Online and Mail Order Retail
387Solar Electric Power Generation
2194Hotels and Motels
2115Community Services
2128Child Day Care Services
1292Retail Motor Vehicles
2074Home Health Care Services
398Water, Waste, Steam, and Air Conditioning Services
2054Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists
2401Operations Consulting
3107IT System Testing and Evaluation
3105IT System Training and Support
1770Leasing Real Estate Agents and Brokers
388Environmental Quality Programs
1956Security Guards and Patrol Services
598Apparel Manufacturing
1481Rail Transportation
1958Security Systems Services
2226Vehicle Repair and Maintenance
435Specialty Trade Contractors
2029Language Schools
1855IT System Design Services
1737Insurance Agencies and Brokerages
2468Electrical Equipment Manufacturing
1633Radio and Television Broadcasting
3134Blockchain Services
1231Wholesale Food and Beverage
923HVAC and Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
2091Nursing Homes and Residential Care Facilities
1319Retail Appliances, Electrical, and Electronic Equipment
1965Janitorial Services
2259Personal Care Services
1309Retail Furniture and Home Furnishings
408Residential Building Construction
2934Landscaping Services
3089Space Research and Technology
3099Embedded Software Products
2240Electronic and Precision Equipment Maintenance
1742Funds and Trusts
3086Utilities Administration
2374Community Development and Urban Planning
1042Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing
1779Equipment Rental Services
709Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing
3243Services for Renewable Energy
3128Business Intelligence Platforms
2019Cosmetology and Barber Schools
1720Investment Advice
3070Fire Protection
935Engines and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing
1909Industry Associations
2282Pet Services
1644Telecommunications Carriers
1759Leasing Residential Real Estate
1602Book Publishing
431Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
722Paint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing
1128Wholesale Motor Vehicles and Parts
3065Courts of Law
1324Retail Building Materials and Garden Equipment
3101Desktop Computing Software Products
386Nuclear Electric Power Generation
2025Fine Arts Schools
2489Wind Electric Power Generation
2217Bars, Taverns, and Nightclubs
2122Emergency and Relief Services
616Leather Product Manufacturing
928Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing
784Wood Product Manufacturing
400Water Supply and Irrigation Systems
1221Wholesale Drugs and Sundries
1725Insurance Carriers
615Fashion Accessories Manufacturing
1171Wholesale Appliances, Electrical, and Electronics
690Chemical Raw Materials Manufacturing
918Commercial and Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing
3130Data Security Software Products
3100Mobile Computing Software Products
1178Wholesale Hardware, Plumbing, Heating Equipment
3124Internet News
1532Sightseeing Transportation
1986Waste Treatment and Disposal
1911Professional Organizations
2366Air, Water, and Waste Program Management
2368Conservation Programs
2112Services for the Elderly and Disabled
883Metal Treatments
1257Wholesale Chemical and Allied Products
2318Household Services
2179Golf Courses and Country Clubs
1262Wholesale Petroleum and Petroleum Products
298Forestry and Logging
1743Insurance and Employee Benefit Funds
998Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing
419Utility System Construction
2133Theater Companies
3085Transportation Programs
852Architectural and Structural Metal Manufacturing
481Animal Feed Manufacturing
1497Urban Transit Services
1267Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages
2214Mobile Food Services
1938Collection Agencies
436Building Structure and Exterior Contractors
2360Public Assistance Programs
779Glass Product Manufacturing
622Footwear Manufacturing
341Coal Mining
345Metal Ore Mining
1905Holding Companies
2125Vocational Rehabilitation Services
983Measuring and Control Instrument Manufacturing
871Construction Hardware Manufacturing
529Baked Goods Manufacturing
1798Commercial and Industrial Equipment Rental
3186Retail Art Dealers
397Natural Gas Distribution
1208Wholesale Luxury Goods and Jewelry
1738Claims Adjusting, Actuarial Services
3081Housing Programs
460Building Finishing Contractors
1222Wholesale Apparel and Sewing Supplies
1713Securities and Commodity Exchanges
2063Outpatient Care Centers
727Soap and Cleaning Product Manufacturing
861Boilers, Tanks, and Shipping Container Manufacturing
807Primary Metal Manufacturing
1409Retail Books and Printed News
1981Waste Collection
1925Temporary Help Services
1696Loan Brokers
1090Office Furniture and Fixtures Manufacturing
3241Renewable Energy Equipment Manufacturing
1786Consumer Goods Rental
1423Retail Florists
1424Retail Office Supplies and Gifts
1623Sound Recording
1512School and Employee Bus Services
1573Postal Services
384Hydroelectric Power Generation
1250Wholesale Raw Farm Products
1923Executive Search Services
2135Dance Companies
2167Amusement Parks and Arcades
763Rubber Products Manufacturing
1187Wholesale Machinery
1166Wholesale Metals and Minerals
413Nonresidential Building Construction
453Building Equipment Contractors
964Communications Equipment Manufacturing
521Meat Products Manufacturing
1505Taxi and Limousine Services
385Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation
1745Pension Funds
495Sugar and Confectionery Product Manufacturing
1370Retail Gasoline
1431Retail Recyclable Materials & Used Merchandise
1649Satellite Telecommunications
1517Shuttles and Special Needs Transportation Services
2197Bed-and-Breakfasts, Hostels, Homestays
2272Laundry and Drycleaning Services
2012Secretarial Schools
2163Zoos and Botanical Gardens
1750Trusts and Estates
973Audio and Video Equipment Manufacturing
3096Natural Gas Extraction
3104IT System Installation and Disposal
1157Wholesale Computer Equipment
3068Correctional Institutions
1005Household Appliance Manufacturing
1212Wholesale Paper Products
1206Wholesale Recyclable Materials
3095Oil Extraction
1600Periodical Publishing
1137Wholesale Furniture and Home Furnishings
876Turned Products and Fastener Manufacturing
1407Retail Musical Instruments
390Biomass Electric Power Generation
404Steam and Air-Conditioning Supply
2161Historical Sites
2077Ambulance Services
528Seafood Product Manufacturing
1080Household and Institutional Furniture Manufacturing
356Nonmetallic Mineral Mining
1230Wholesale Footwear
887Metal Valve, Ball, and Roller Manufacturing
504Fruit and Vegetable Preserves Manufacturing
679Oil and Coal Product Manufacturing
1641Cable and Satellite Programming
389Geothermal Electric Power Generation
2020Flight Training
2181Skiing Facilities
873Spring and Wire Product Manufacturing
799Abrasives and Nonmetallic Minerals Manufacturing
1520Pipeline Transportation
428Subdivision of Land
2253Reupholstery and Furniture Repair
1678Savings Institutions
994Magnetic and Optical Media Manufacturing
1095Mattress and Blinds Manufacturing
773Clay and Refractory Products Manufacturing
2255Footwear and Leather Goods Repair
849Cutlery and Handtool Manufacturing
625Women's Handbag Manufacturing
1625Sheet Music Publishing
1504Interurban and Rural Bus Services
1153Wholesale Photography Equipment and Supplies
703Artificial Rubber and Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing
794Lime and Gypsum Products Manufacturing
2060Family Planning Centers
2139Circuses and Magic Shows