Last Updated November 1, 2023, v2.0.0

Data Schema, Counts, and Fill Rates

FeatureDescriptionCountsFill Rate
company_nameCompany name associated with the person's job title.15,137,815100%
company_domainThe primary domain associated with this company.15,165,748100%
company_phoneGeneral phone number for the company.2,843,51619%
company_sicThe 4 digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code(s) associated with the company. Link is to SIC classification taxonomy.6,094,92040%
company_naicsNorth American Industry Classification System, denoting the primary industry(s) the company is listed in. This field is a comma-separated array with up to 5 NAICS codes.2,186,65014%
company_addressThe physical address of the company headquarters.6,647,39044%
company_address_2The physical address of the company headquarters.377,2622%
company_cityThe city of the company headquarters.12,020,06379%
company_stateState code of company headquarters.12,268,78181%
company_zipZip of company headquarters.9,086,83960%
company_linkedin_urlThe URL for the company's LinkedIn profile.8,123,59454%
company_revenueRevenue range associated with the company. This is derived from the employee count and mapped in accordance with the mapping linked here.15,165,748100%
company_employee_countThe number of observed US enterprise employees of this company, fit within standard firmographic ranges, which are listed in this link.15,165,748100%
primary_industryThe primary industry for a company, as observed in multiple firmographic data sets.8,653,95257%
cc_idA persistent, unique ID, assigned to each company in the Co-Op Firmographic dataset. The cc_id, along with the up_id, are used as key linkage across the co-op data sets.15,165,748100%

What’s Next

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