B2C Intent

Updated Daily, v1.0.0

up_idImproved person_id, linking all b2c and b2b data. Will eventually replace person_id5x5-9871b1d8-f821- e603-eb8b-b98bb89c2dce
page_urlThe URL of the page viewed (the event).https://exputer.com/guides/ best-ark-single-player-settings/
categoryAn array of the IAB content categories associated with the page_url, separated by a comma.IAB8,IAB8_8,IAB9
ip_addressIPv4 or IPv6 IP Address10.2.20.8
zipThe zip code of the observed signal in the intent file92101
event_timestampThe date by which the event was observed in our data flows. Dates are formatted in UNIX time.1632421268