Market Pulse API

The 5x5 Market Pulse API gives users the ability to create and manage custom intent topics. Topics created through the API will be scored against >2billion daily signals to identify users researching those topics. Results will become available within 2 days of the topic creation, with daily file drops to your 5x5 S3 folder. Market Pulse leverages advanced AI and Large Language Modeling to evaluate and score the users’ interest in the topic, with topic attribution at the individual level - leveraging the UP_ID to activate audiences for digital, email, mail, or phone campaigns. Additional detail for custom topics can be found here:

Endpoint Features

  • Topic Creation: Create and manage topics
  • Topic Management: Understand which topics are active

Getting Started

To access the Market Pulse API, you will need to authenticate using an API key. This ensures secure and authorized use of the API's capabilities. Once authenticated, you can interact with the API endpoints to manage topics and glean insights from the feed.

All API requests should be made to the following base URL:



To access the API, include an Authorization header with a bearer token in each request:


Authorization: Bearer API_KEY

Replace API_KEY with your actual API key provided by 5x5.

Creating a Topic

This endpoint allows you to create a new topic using Market Pulse Artificial Intelligence. The JSON body of the request would be as follows:

  "topic": "Your topic title",  
  "description": "Your topic description"  
  • Method: POST
  • Endpoint: /topics/
  • Headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer API_KEY
  • Body:

Example Request

curl -X POST "<">  
     -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"  
     -H "Content-Type: application/json"  
     -d '{"topic": "testing here", "description": "TESTING DESC"}'

Retrieving Topics

Use this endpoint to fetch a list of topics that have been created.

curl -X GET "<">  
     -H "Authorization: Bearer API_KEY"

  • Method: GET
  • Endpoint: /topics/
  • Headers:
    • Authorization: Bearer API_KEY

This is a sample return from a topic query:

"id": "c_4eyes_0000561",
"topic": "Olivia Rodrigo",
"description": "Olivia Rodrigo is a prominent American singer-songwriter and actress. Born on February 20, 2003, in Temecula, California, she initially gained fame through her acting roles on Disney Channel's 'Bizaardvark' and Disney+'s 'High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.' Her music career took off in 2021 with the release of her debut single 'drivers license,' which became a global hit and broke several streaming records. She followed up with her debut album 'SOUR,' featuring hit singles like 'deja vu' and 'good 4 u,' earning critical acclaim and multiple Grammy Awards. Rodrigo's music blends pop, rock, and indie influences, known for its emotional depth and relatable themes of teenage experiences. In 2023, she released her second album 'GUTS,' further solidifying her status in the music industry. Rodrigo is celebrated for her candid lyricism and emotional authenticity, making a significant impact on contemporary pop music.",
"user": "[email protected]",
"status": "accepted",
"created": "2024-06-03T19:35:41.701164Z",
"updated": "2024-06-03T19:35:41.701164Z",
"updated_by": "[email protected]"

curl -X 'DELETE'  
  -H 'accept: application/json'  
  -H 'Authorization: <API-topen>'

For more information and support please contact [email protected]